One of the most common dental treatments nowadays is the replacement of missing teeth with dental Implants. Different options are available and we will recommend the best treatments that suit your needs. With high quality dental products from world leading companies, we are able to ensure long lasting results. What matters is your brilliant smile and you, being fully satisfied!

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Dental Implants

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Single tooth dental implant

The first step in implant treatment is to get a panoramic x-ray to see the condition of the bone. If the bone condition is good enough the implant can be put in place and integrate (fuse) with the bone tissue which takes about 3-4 months. The second stage is to connect the abutment to your implant and take impressions for your new crown. Within 1 week our dental technician makes a crown that fits the implant perfectly. Your final implant retained crown fits in harmony with the rest of your teeth.

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The appearance, feel and function are virtually identical to a natural tooth!
dental implant bridge treatment

Dental implant bridge

Porcelain dental implant bridges replace one or several missing teeth. As above the procedure for the implant treatment is similar. Complete jaw rehabilitation takes up to 3-4 visits within a 4 months time period to have the bridge attached. Dental implant bridges improve your bite and feel like your own teeth!

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An enhanced quality of life will be noticed instantly!

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Complete rehabilitation with dental implants

We are able to replace your uncomfortable dentures with permanent teeth having 6 dental implants loaded with a dental bridge work of 12 porcelain crowns. You will feel an instant improvement to your quality of life as the bridge will be fixed to the implants and therefore feels like your own natural teeth. It is very important to have a yearly check up at your dentist to ensure hygiene standards are maintained.

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They feel perfectly smooth and natural. Not removable like your own ones!
Mini dental Implants with Dentures

Dental implant denture

Mini dental implants are a clever system to hold your dentures in place.
It is a dental work, especially recommended when bone reconstruction is not feasible and the bone dimensions are too reduced or surgical intervention too complicated.

4 mini dental implants are set in place and connected to a special denture system.
Once the denture is placed into the mouth it connects firmly with the implants and holds the denture in place during mastication.

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Comfort and  firm hold of your denture  for a healthy bite!


how a dental implant is placed

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A missing tooth will be replaced with a dental implant. A space will be created where the dental implant will be inserted through a smooth and gentle technique.The implant will be introduced into the bone and remains hidden in place for 3-4 month under the gum for integration.

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After the dental implant had time to integrate to the bone tissue a second session is performed to connect the abutment to your implant. A dental cast  will be taken and sent to the ceramist to form your future dental crown (the same procedure applies for a dental bridge)

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Shortly thereafter our master ceramist creates the crown that fits your implant. The porcelain crown will be checked for a perfect fit, attached and cemented on the abutment to the implant (the intermediary piece screwed on the implant, carrying the dental crown)

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Your final implant retained crown is placed and exists in harmony with the rest of your teeth and the surrounding soft tissue. Appearance, feel and function of your new crown is virtually identical to a natural tooth!



The dental implant is placed during an extremely gentle surgery that most people experience as surprisingly painless during and after dental implant treatment. The implant remains hidden in the place for 3-4 months.  After the integration time a second and third stage within a week is carried out to connect the abutment to your implant and prepare the dental crowns. Our dental technician makes the crown/bridge that fits the implant perfectly.  The appearance, feel, and function of your new crowns/bridges are virtually identical to your natural teeth.

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Major treatment for dental implants is undertaken in 3 appointments!

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