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Dental Crowns & Bridges


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Porcelain dental work like crowns and bridges is the best treatment option if you need to close a gap or have a broken tooth that has to be reconstructed. It is also recommended when a weakened tooth after a root canal treatment requires coverage with a dental crown in order to strengthen the tooth and avoid further damage. In our dental clinic we can restore your dental health and provide you with the best solutions and techniques for a healthy bite!

3 Different types of porcelain dental crowns and bridges

Porcelain Dental Crowns and bridges can be divided into three categories. They can be porcelain fused to metal, all porcelain or zirconium framed. The difference lies in esthetics and strength of the materials. Each one has specific indications  and we´ll make sure you get the one that suits best your needs!

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Porcelain fused to metal crowns & bridges

Porcelain fused to metal crowns are the most popular and used as standard for many reasons. The product has been long time tested in the market and the results have been consistently good. This form of crown has the porcelain baked onto high noble alloy shell which serves as a buffer for the tooth during chewing. It is the classical method of creating dental crowns, particularly on posterior teeth  where chewing pressure is high.

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Major treatments for porcelain dental crowns & bridges are


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All porcelain dental crowns & bridges

All porcelain tooth crowns have no metal frame underneath. Being less resistant to pressure, they are the first choice in esthetic dental restorations. 2 types of all porcelain dental crowns are available: Procera® – a milled ceramic and Empress® – an all ceramic crown that is similar to durable glass. These crowns achieve an appearance that is the closest match with your existing teeth. They look very natural!

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Zirconium dental crowns & bridges

Cercon® Zirconia is another system for esthetic metal-free crowns and dental bridges which can be used for anterior or posterior single units or multi-unit bridge restorations. It is biocompatible and the strongest and toughest dental ceramic yet. It is a perfect esthetic solution which serves as a great alternative to porcelain-metal framed crowns, too. Manufacturing is extremely precise and computer aided in the dental laboratory.

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Porcelain dental bridge versus dental implant

Dental bridges or dental implants are both good options to replace a tooth or to close a gap however there are different indications like age of the patient, hygiene, bone quality and others. We will advise you for the best solution that suits your needs!

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Recommendation for a dental bridge

  1. If neighboring teeth are heavily decayed they can be treated simultaneously and covered with crowns

  2. No follow up second intervention after month

  3. More affordable

  4. Immediate integration

  5. Ready within 1 week

  6. In bad bone condition or if we want to avoid bone reconstruction and extensive follow up sessions, recommendable

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Recommendation for a dental implant

  1. Prevents further bone loss

  2. If the bone support is good, more natural than a bridge

  3. No decay in time possible

  4. Reliable and resistant in time

  5. Less invasive and more protective to the neighboring teeth

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We will evaluate carefully and explain you which is the the best solution that is long lasting most comfortable and suits your needs perfectly!


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