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Denture Replacement
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REPLACE your dentures WITH


4 common options available to replace your dentures and improve your quality of life!

Replace your dentures with fixed dental work like porcelain dental bridges on dental implants or dentures fixed on dental implants and you will achieve a firmer bite and maximum comfort.
Enhance and enjoy the quality of life that you deserve!

patients after denture replacement with implants
'all 4 dental implant system'  jaw reconstruction

Porcelain dental bridge on dental implant structure 

Complete reconstruction of your jaws with 6-8 dental implants in combination with a dental bridge-work of 12 porcelain teeth that are permanently cemented on the dental implants.

dental implant dentures
Fixed permanently in your mouth, and feels like your own teeth!
palate free denture on dental implants

Mini dental implants for optimized denture hold

Mini dental implant retention system that connects the denture and remains in place during mastication. Usually 4 Implants are needed to secure a tight fit.

dental implant clinic overseas, Spain
Removable clip on denture- firm hold and comfortable to wear!
dentures on implants

Denture on frame structure with dental implants

Clip on frame denture or dental bridge work on 4 dental implants. The  dental implants sustain a connector bar on which the denture slides in and maintains a strong fit.

palate free dentures
Removable for cleaning this denture has a solid hold and maintains a stable position!

Special attachment denture system

palate free dentures CONNECTED TO CROWNs

Another great alternative to a denture is a palate free attachment denture system which is small in size and gives a tight fit due to its connection to dental crowns on remaining teeth.

palate free dentures in Torrevieja, Spain

This is a great solution if several teeth are remaining and implants are not possible.
Our dental technician is doing this precise and most sophisticated denture system for many years and we have many satisfied patients. It is reduced in size and can be made palate free especially suitable for people with a pronounced gaging reflex and a great alternative to dental implants.
The advantage is a high chewing comfort, no wobbling, easy maintenance and good esthetics.

online estimate for dental implants
Partially removable it provides comfort and a firm hold of your denture!

Indications for special attachment dentures

  1. Recommended when dental implant treatment is not possible due to severe bone loss

  2. A solution only possible if you still have healthy teeth left that can be used to attach the small precision denture system

  3. Especially suitable for patients who have lost their back teeth and dental implant treatment is too complicated and/or bone reconstruction is too laborious (needs hospital stay)   

  4. Indicated for patients with a chronic disease that are not able to undergo dental implant treatment and the time involved

  5. Dental Implant treatment as well as attachment systems are extremely useful for people who have a pronounced gagging reflex

Comfortable to wear and without movement when chewing this fix dental work has to be removed (clipped off) just for cleaning.

recommended dental work and qualified dentists, clinic Costa Blanca
replace dentures with implants, clinic Orihuela Costa
Special attachment denture system with crowns can be undertaken in 3 appointments  within 10 days!
Why not combine your dental treatment with a holiday here in Spain!

 We are able to provide for you the whole range of dental implant work including dental implant dentures, palate free denture systems and much more according to your needs. We are here to help and provide you with a healthy bite for great comfort in life! For more information, please contact us for a cost free estimate!


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