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General Dental Treatments


dental treatment is much better with prodentalcare in spain

We offer a whole range of dental treatments customized to suit best your needs. Our hallmark lies in our uncompromising emphasis on quality dental work and efficient time management. When it comes to treatments, most advanced techniques and dental materials ensure you receive optimum oral health. We use only white tooth fillings!

Highly requested treatments include dental implants, porcelain crowns and veneers, dental bridge work, complete smile makeover, the replacement of old mercury fillings with new white porcelain fillings as well as laser tooth whitening.
We are dedicated to high quality dental treatments. It is all about your dental health and you, being satisfied! 

The most important thing first!

gentle  dental treatments!

Our friendly staff will take good care of you and make your dental experiences smooth from start to finish. You will feel at ease in our comfortable dental surgery facility in Torrevieja, Costa Blanca, Spain.

A pleasant environment and modern technology ensures every aspect of your visit is as relaxed as possible and supports gentle and smooth dentistry.

When it comes to the treatment, you will experience how 
Dr. Salinas is naturally gentle and takes
all the time necessary for treatments.

She is caring, precise and has a pleasant personality!

White tooth fillings

We provide you only with white composite dental filling materials. Filling small cavities or replacing your old mercury fillings with white composite ones will be beneficial for a more natural and esthetic look and for health reasons since mercury fillings have turned out to be toxic. Following general dental treatments can be carried out in one appointment: replacing mercury fillings with white dental fillings, teeth straightening and professional scale and polish. Root canal treatments and periodontal dental treatments can be completed in follow up sessions as well as laser tooth whitening (2 sessions).

Preventive dentistry &
Professional tooth cleaning services

Maintenance is the key to a perfect dental health. Therefore we recommend regular check up’s as general guideline every 6 month for examinations in order to prevent or immediately fix small dental “problems” as well as professional scale and polish to remove stains and tartar. We are here to help you and our hygienist will give you the right hygiene advice in order to maintain your oral health. It´s all about you getting 100% satisfied! 

Experienced English speaking dentists!

Dr. Tarta and Dr. Salinas have been working together with patients from all over Europe and have gained a vast experience in cosmetic dentistry and dental implant treatment over many years. 

All treatments will be arranged convenient to your personal timetable and we will take all the time needed to create your individual smile. You can count on Dr. Salinas  and Dr. Tartas expertise and gentle care. They will make sure you have a radiant smile.

You will be amazed by the possibilities that we have! Precise, meticulous and human.  

first meeting

With the dentist

During your first visit with the dentist we find out your dental problems and work out a treatment plan that suits best your needs.
You will receive a free estimate with all necessary information about your treatment and we take the time to answer all your questions before we plan your appointments together. Please, feel free to contact us via e-mail in the first instant for a cost free estimate.

English speaking dentists with experience in Torrevieja, Costa Blanca

Quality Dental Materials!

Best quality dental products - certified from US, German and Swiss manufacturers will ensure the highest standard in quality dental treatments. 

Our dental ceramist and affiliated dental laboratory work with the world´s leading dental ceramic that gives authentic and natural looking teeth.

We offer you affordable dental treatments in combination with high quality dental materials, essential in cosmetic dentistry as well as dental implant treatments.

At the end it´s all about quality, and quality of service, is precisely our strength!



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